Dodgy Kodi Add-on Developers Jump Ship After Legal Threats

By Tom Pritchard on at

Another day, another story about how rights holders are getting even more serious about dealing with the problem of Kodi boxes and the streaming piracy facilitated through a variety of unofficial add-ons. To the point now that some add-on developers have called it a day after receiving legal threats.

At least two developers that distributed add-ons via the Colossus repository have received cease and desists from the MPAA-led Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment - an organisation that counts the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Fox, and more among its ranks.

jsergio123 didn't specify why he had chosen to stop developing his add-ons, but UK-based developer The_Alpha (best known for add-ons like Bennu, which is seen as a successor to streaming add-on Phoenix) was delivered a physical letter by hand. A copy of that letter was obtained by TVAddons, and you can see it below:

I notice they copied a URL into the letter. Who the hell does that? Must be a legal thing.

TorrentFreak notes that URLHandler is definitely going to be missed by Kodi users, even though many of them probably don't even realise it's installed on their system. It generally comes packaged with other add-ons that rely on it to work, and resolving video hosting site URLs and ensures other add-ons can actually play content with Kodi. TVAddons claims it will keep the add-on alive, though given its own ongoing legal issues it probably won't be long before the MPAA come knocking.

Many people will be sad about this news, but the fact is that the add-ons weren't exactly legal. At least ACE sent them a cease and desist first, giving the developers chance to quit without issue, rather than simply pulling them into a courtroom. [TorrentFreak]

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