Donald Trump's Personal Twitter Account Vanished for Eleven Beautiful Minutes

By Kate Conger on at

This is not a drill. Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, was, last night, momentarily deleted or suspended. The account was offline for a few minutes before reappearing, during which time visitors to his account were greeted with an error that states, “That page doesn’t exist.”

Activists have been lobbying Twitter for months to suspend the account, arguing that his tweets violate Twitter’s terms of service.

But we all saw it with our own eyes. Sad!

Twitter says that Trump’s Twitter account was “inadvertently deactivated due to human error by a Twitter employee” and that the company is taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Twitter then later announced that Trump’s account was deactivated by a (legendary) customer support employee on their last day of work at the company. It’s not clear why a single support employee would have the power to deactivate the the president’s account, but Twitter says it is conducting a full review.