Drivy Lets Random Strangers Borrow Your Car, and it's Coming to the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

They say that in the coming age of self-driving cars there will be no need for anyone to bother buying one for themselves. You can just get in one that's roaming around, turning them into a communal objects. That future isn't here yet, but it is a bit closer with services like Drivy around - letting people borrow your car for a period of time in exchange for money.

Drivy is French, and has slowly been expanding across Europe for the past several years. Now, though, it's arrived in the UK. The idea isn't hard to grasp, functioning a bit like AirBnB for your car. You list your car on Drivy's site, and people can borrow it to drive around doing whatever they need to do. You accept the requests, then sort out the details with the lendee - signing a rental agreement in the process.

You can do that in person, or remotely, but the Drivy website does say to do a walkaround inspection first. Though that's just common sense. You don't need to worry about insurance because that'd all provided thanks to a partnership with Allianz, and in some cases renters will be able to unlock the car with their phone - like this is the Jetsons or something. That's thanks to a system called Drivy Open, which also helps automate everything on your end.

Obviously you need to be ok with lending out your car to total strangers, but if something does go wrong you should be fine. Plus Drivy is offering car owners a minimum monthly income of £250 to list their car, which you'll still get if nobody borrows it. Not sure that'll last forever, but if you don't use your car as much as you should then it might be worth checking this out. [TechCrunch]

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