Dyson Sues Former Exec for Allegedly Leaking Secrets

By Gary Cutlack on at

Charles Dyson is about to sue his former right-hand man, accusing the company's recently departed chief executive of leaking confidential product information to... we don't know who. Someone in China that also makes hand dryers, probably.

Dyson's complaint also alleges that Conze used in-house Dyson resources to look for outside investment opportunities to benefit himself and other venture capital funds, with Dyson saying: "The Dyson board has decided to bring a claim against Max Conze at the High Court of Justice in London in relation to his actions while chief executive including the disclosure of confidential information, and a breach of his fiduciary duties."

Conze basically says "No I bloody didn't" to all of that, calling the claim a "ridiculous allegation" designed to take away the heat from the fact that he's currently preparing his own case against Dyson over the terms of his dismissal.

This news either blows or sucks or is a load of hot air, etc etc. [Guardian]

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