Europe's First IMAX VR Centre Has Arrived in Manchester

By Tom Pritchard on at

Do you want to enjoy the best VR experience possible, but don't have nearly £2,000 worth of equipment to make it happen? Well lucky for you there are big companies out there who can afford it all, and are willing to let you use it in exchange for a small fee. A few places that let you do that have popped up all over the world, but now the Trafford Centre is getting one thanks to IMAX.

Tomorrow IMAX will be opening up a VR Experience Centre in the Trafford Centre Odeon. It's the first one to open up in Europe, and the fifth one overall following launches in New York, Shanghai, Toronto, and Los Angeles. All you need to do is arrive, pay some money, and you'll be able to strap on a headset (HTC Vive from the looks of things) to play through some VR games with your friends.

The games currently on offer are Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Justice League VR, and there are town pods available at any given time. Tickets can be booked online via the IMAX VR website, or in person at the experience. Each go is 8-15 minutes long, and prices range from £7.50-£10 per person. There are also single-player experience for those of you who don't have friends who want to play VR, or would just rather go by yourself because people suck.

So now you can head to the Trafford Centre and navigate the pre-Christmas crowds to grab yourself a film, a VR session, and a blast round Laser Quest without moving very far.

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