Exclusive: Kellogg's Might Have Killed Ricicles, But Tony The Tiger Is Safe

By James O Malley on at

Britain is reeling this morning following the news that Kellogg's is reducing in its breakfast cereals the one ingredient that makes food palatable: Sugar.

According to the BBC, between 20% and 40% of the sugar is being cut from Coco Pops, Rice Krispies and Rice Krispie Multi-Grain Shapes. And even worse: Ricicles are being dropped all together, because they're basically just Rice Krispies with an unhealthy coating of frosted sugar.

The reasoning, of course, is due to changing attitudes to sugar, and more cynically, as the beeb notes, the potential for government to impose new taxes on sugar in products aimed at children - just like the one slapped on tasty soft drinks.

RIP Captain Rik. I guess astronauts can't be diabetic after all.

In addition to this, Kellogg's has also said that it will stop on-pack promotions aimed at kids on boxes of Frosties. And this made us worry: If Kellogg's doesn't want to appeal to kids, what does this mean for everyone's favourite anthropomorphic mascot, Tony the Tiger? Is it time for Tony to be put to sleep?

The good news is that today Gizmodo UK - after some exhaustive investigative journalism - can reveal that Tony the Tiger is safe. "There are no plans to retire Tony the Tiger", a Kellogg's spokesperson told us, presumably while reflecting on the years that we spent in journalism school.

Quite how this will work - surely Tony telling kids that frosted flakes are "grrrrrreat" can't last? Perhaps it is time for Tony to pivot to talking to adults instead?