Facebook Algorithms Find Christmas Card Offensive

By Gary Cutlack on at

This painted image of a robin has been deemed too rude for Facebook, with the site's autonomous scanning and filtering systems rejecting it from inclusion in sales listings for being an adult item or some sort of advert for sex.

It's actually only an advert for Christmas cards handmade by artist Jackie Charley. There must be something about the piercing gaze of the robin's eyes that make the social site's computers blush, or perhaps it thinks the red patch is saggy tits and the yellow patch is the rude part of a woman. Perhaps the beak is at the same angle as a penis the algorithms were fed once and told was rude? Does the computer think the legs and feet are dibbling fluids? We'll never know.

She's now selling the cards direct outside of Facebook's shopping tools and the publicity has boosted sales, so well done computerised censor idiots. [Guardian]