Fake John Lewis Ad Has the Depressing Ending Christmas Deserves

By Gary Cutlack on at

A few thousand people are crying a bit more than usual over some schmaltzy rubbish today, as a fake John Lewis Christmas advert tricked the sort of sick losers who watch adverts on purpose into thinking it was the real deal.

The fake ad uses Queen song Save Me to back the action, which sees a little mouse and a fox become friends -- ahhh, how just like Christmas when everyone puts aside their differences! -- only for the fox to DIE UNDER THE ICE at the end while saving its friend. The source material for the rip-off advert was the French ESMA Art School, where students created it a couple of years ago to show off how good they are at computers. Here it is:

The way the John Lewis logo has been roughly pasted on at the end is a big giveaway, although maybe people who took it seriously were crying so much at that point they didn't notice. The real one's here if you aren't already sick of Christmas. [YouTube via Metro]

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