Forget Black Friday, Buy Your Stuff in June or December

By Gary Cutlack on at

Oh, you'll never guess what's just been found out. They've found out that "Black Friday" is an artificially created scam of a day upon which products sell for the same as — or more than — they have at points during the previous year. Strike us down with a dodgy unofficial imported charger.

This comes from data compiled by consumer champion Which?, that found that as many as 60 per cent of the Black Friday deals were offering items at prices they'd previously been sold for. As in, you might be better off not waiting until Black Friday and getting your impulse TV in August, when it's cheap anyway, and before it's been raised in price solely to create a higher price from which to drop it from in November.

Which? says that nearly half of the products it tracked before and after Black Friday of 2016 were still on sale for the same price or even less later in December, so don't get tears on your mechanical keyboard from Black Friday of 2014 if you miss out on something that capitalism conspired to convince you was a one-off deal. It'll cost that again soon enough, and probably, inevitably, less, especially if it's perishable and you wait until December 27. [Which?]

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