Forget the Fire TV, NVIDIA's Knocked 20% off the SHIELD

By Tom Pritchard on at

These days there's lots of talk about streaming devices. Legit stuff like the Apple TV, Chromecast, or Fire TV, along with the cheap Android boxes that a lot of people use to stream stuff illegally. But there's another that people tend to (unfairly) forget about if they're not tech-inclined, and that's NVIDIA's SHIELD.

Lucky for you all NVIDIA hasn't forgotten, and to celebrate Black Friday it's knocked 20 per cent off the base 16GB model. That means you can get a streaming box capable of streaming content in 4K, HDR, and at 60FPS for £143. That's just touching the surface of what it's capable of, though.

In case you forgot, the SHIELD also runs Android TV (7.0/Nougat) with access to apps from Google Play, has built-in Chromecast support (in 4K), Dolby Atmos, USB ports (with support for expandable storage), gigabit ethernet, voice search, an IR blaster for controlling your TV's power and volume, as well as access to NVIDIA's GeForce Now service that lets you stream PC games to the SHIELD (if you have the controller).

If you want the controller bundled in you won't quite get 20 per cent off. You'll get 16 per cent off, which amounts to £30 of savings. Sadly the model with a 500GB hard drive doesn't seem to be included in the sales, so that's still going for the full £280.

You can take advantage of the discount by buying directly from NVIDIA, with Amazon (for next day delivery) or Currys (in case you want to pick it up from a real shop). Just a word of warning, Currys' sale is £1 more expensive than the other two, for reasons I don't understand.

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