Former Oxford Student Sues Because They Didn't Teach Him Right

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 39-year-old former student of Oxford University is taking the educational establishment to court, claiming that a less than stellar degree result earned back in the year 2000 cost him a lucrative career in law -- so he'd like £1m in compensation, please.

Faiz Siddiqui claims that institutional "poor teaching" led to him only reaching low upper second degree standard, with his chosen profession of international hotshot lawyer requiring him to have a first or at least a 2:1. He says absent staff impacted upon his learning and that medical exemptions were not taken into account, resulting in him leaving Brasenose College with "inexplicable" middle-of-the-road qualifications.

He's unemployed now, his representative told the court, adding that "poor teaching provision" 20 years ago is the reason.

Oxford, of course, said the idea that Siddiqui would've been a high-flying super-lawyer probably with 1000s of Instagram followers too was "speculation and fanciful," saying he received adequate teaching and was simply a bit of an inconsistent student. The case, as they say because it's true, continues. [Telegraph]