Formula 1 Has a Font Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

The end of this year's F1 season saw the racing business launch itself a new logo, or a whole new "brand identity" as we should probably say, as F1 now has its own selection of fonts for writing about it in.

It's all gone a bit retro-futuristic, with the agency behind the reworked logo and font telling Creative Review that the work of the Designer's Republic, popularised among the likes of us within PlayStation race series WipEout, was an influence on the new direction. Here's the font, which goes under the name F1 Regular:

That's well WipEout. It'll make two hours of tyre formulation discussion fly by. Another couple of official fonts, F1 Turbo and Torque, are available, plus there's that swish new logo atop the page. [Creative Review]

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