Further Reminder: Your Dirt-Cheap Kodi Box is Still a Fire Hazard

By Tom Pritchard on at

If the fact that the Kodi box you bought from a guy in the pub is illegal wasn't enough to deter you from the lure of illicit streaming add-ons, maybe this news will. There's a very good chance your dirt-cheap set top box is an illegal import, and that means it's a fire hazard. It's not the first time people have been warned about this, so let's try again.

FACT and Electrical Safety First tested a number of the so-called illegal streaming devices, and found that 100 per cent of the boxes tested failed to meet minimum electrical safety standards. It's not clear how many they tested, but seeing as this isn't the first time we've been warned about this sort of thing it's worth paying attention.

Seeing as how estimates claim a million dodgy streaming boxes have been sold in the UK, FACT has warned that there is serious risk to the public. Christmas is coming, and will no doubt be accompanied by a surge in present-related Kodi box sales, the organisation has issued some things people can do to ensure their dodgy box isn't going to set the Christmas tree ablaze.

The obvious one is to not buy a dodgy bx, and get something from a reputable manufacturer that makes sure everything is up to code. If you must buy one, check these things:

  • Look for the manufacturers’ brand name or logo, model and batch mark number. Check there's a CE mark and that output voltage and current ratings on the charger match your device.
  • Make sure they plug in easily to the socket, and there's at least 9.5mm between the edge of the pins and the edge of the charger
  • Ensure it has all the necessary instructions and warnings

And remember kids, them boxes are illegal. Kodi isn't, but the dodgy unofficial add-ons are.

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