GAME Will be Open Late on Black Friday, in Case You Don't Like Shopping Online

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you like buying games, and still enjoy shopping on the high street, chances are you shop at GAME. Mainly because it's the only place on the high street that actually stocks a good selection of brand new games, and game related merchandise. Games make great gifts at Christmas (and any other time of the year), so to make sure people can get he right bargain tomorrow, GAME has announced it'll be keeping its shops open late.

How late? It wasn't specified exactly when the shops will close, but stores will still be open past 8pm for anyone too busy working during the day.

If you are one for shopping online, GAME will be overhauling its website for the big shopping day. There will be special makeover, deals, and everything. That goes live tonight at 8pm, so you don't have to stay up until midnight to get shopping.

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