Gatwick Valet Parker Hit 130mph in Traveller's Audi

By Gary Cutlack on at

We actually feel a shred of sympathy for an Audi driver today, after the owner of a fairly hot A3 found that it was smashed up to 130mph by the Gatwick Airport valet parker he handed the keys over to.

Returning to the vehicle after a trip, owner Sean Beckerleg found it had somehow managed to add an extra five miles to the clock in the process of being parked. Airport parking is pretty hard, but not many people end up circling the bays for five miles' worth of distance.

Reviewing the footage automatically recorded by his dashcam, Beckerleg was horrified to see that his car had exited the North Terminal of the airport and been taken to a nearby dual carriageway, where the valet driver took it all the way up to 131mph -- quite beyond the stretch of road's 50 limit -- and had been fairly rough on the throttle in the process too, driving in the manner in which drivers only tend to drive when in other peoples' cars.

The in-car navigation system didn't say a word. The valet has been sacked. [Metro]

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