GCSE Panic as a Computer Science Task leaks Online

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are leaks everywhere these days. Whether it's the new iPhone, the latest budget, or even GCSEs, there's always something to hit the web ready for the world to see ahead of time. It just happened with the Computer Science GCSE, with one task worth 1/5 of the total marks hitting the net way too early.

The task as described as a non-exam assessment, which I can only assume is the new fancy name for practical exams seeing as it's designed to test students' programming capabilities. It's assumed that the test was leaked by students and teachers who have already taken it, and has now been pulled by exam regulator Ofqual. The regulator said in a statement:

"Non-exam assessment in computer science is intended to test students' programming skills and is worth 20% of the overall nine to one grade. However, there is evidence that some of this year's tasks have been posted to online forums and collaborative programming sites, contrary to exam board rules.

Detailed solutions have been provided in many cases, and some of these posts have been viewed thousands of times. This is against the rules and changes would be needed so grades could be awarded fairly next summer."

Ofqual is currently consulting on how to proceed, with the current solution being to have students continue with the task as normal - just without having it contribute to the final grade. [BBC News]

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