Good News Everyone: The Trains Won't be Quite as Shit After Christmas

By Tom Pritchard on at

The trains in this country are pretty shit, to say the very least. But they might not be quite as shit after Christmas, because National Rail is using the festive season to conduct a 'bumper Christmas' range of investment and engineering works.

National Rail promised that 'tens of thousands' of passengers will benefit from the Christmas works, which will see £160 million invested into railway infrastructure - plus 32,600 workers working "round the clock" over the festive period. That's all part of the £50 billion Railway Upgrade Plan, designed to improve journey times, facilities, and services for rail passengers in the new year.

Now if they could make sure that most toilet doors are not narrower than my shoulders, that would be fantastic.

Overall there are 50 per cent more works going on over Christmas this year, but National Rail is promising that there will be less disruption this year. That's because most of the work has been scheduled for Christmas day and Boxing day, when the country grinds to a halt and trains don't run. Trains are quieter over Christmas as well, which is why it's being done now.

So roughly 95 per cent of the network will be unaffected, though some will - meaning everyone needs to plan ahead. Planning ahead is always a good idea anyway, because the day you decide to wing it is the day your train is 90 minutes late.

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