Grab Your Tissues, John Lewis Just Released its Christmas Advert

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite accidentally spoiling it for everyone and ruining Christmas, John Lewis has just gone and released its Christmas advert. Cue people going online to gush about how lovely it is, and how this monster under the bed made then cry so much harder than Mrs Jones next door that they got severe dehydration.

It features a monster under the bed inventively called Moz, and unlike most monsters kids imagine up this one has no interest in keeping kids around for a midnight snack. Instead it behaves like a bad flatmate, before showing what a good friend it is - though it still has does nothing better than keep his roommate up all night and ruin their chances to get anything done the next day.

And then it's heavily implied that Moz gives the small child a Christmas present, before disappearing forever. That's the bit that will turn on the waterworks, because nothing is sadder than an imaginary creature vanishing without a trace.

This is a whole Christmas campaign from John Lewis, though, with people able to meet the monster himself in the branch on London's Oxford Street, along with a Facebook app to 'Mozify' your pictures and the ability to take a selfie with the monster in 10 stores across the country. Why 10? Who knows.

And as revealed the other day, there will be plenty of Moz merchandise to buy, with proceeds going towards Barnados.  [London Evening Standard]

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