Greggs Apologises for Sausage Roll Christ Child

By Gary Cutlack on at

That seemingly innocent image of holy people gathering around to bless a sausage roll really kicked off big time for Greggs, but not in a good way. People who believe in the Jesus things were right pissed off about replacing the famous stable-born baby with a sausage roll in order to sell a calendar and some coffees, so much so that Greggs has been forced to do a serious-face, puffed-out-bottom-lip apology.

The contentious image, which we have reproduced above solely in the interests of news reporting, shows a sausage roll, partially bitten into, revealing the sacred flesh of the holy snack within the nativity scene. Greggs is clearly suggesting its sausage rolls are better than Jesus in some way, which is the sort of thing you could technically still be executed for in this country. Or is that the Queen?

Anyway. The meat manger image was the highlight of a whole Flickr library of Christmas images adapted to include Greggs products for use in its advent calendar, images that we doubt were meant to be taken seriously. Sadly, there's no telling some people not to take all things seriously, so a Greggs spokesperson has had to apologise to them folk, saying: "We’re really sorry to have caused any offence, this was never our intention."

It doesn't seem to be sorry enough to remove the photo from the Flickr set yet, though, so perhaps the apology was all part of the plan to win social media for an additional day. [Northern Echo]

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