Have Yourself a Peri Peri Christmas With Nando's' Christmas Burger

By Tom Pritchard on at

December is tomorrow, and if you've left the house anytime in the past month you will see that the world is getting ready for Christmas. In no industry is that more true that the restaurants, and everyone's favourite not-fast-food chicken connoisseur Nando's has unveiled its seasonal burger.

The Mzansi Christmas Burger isn't what you might expect from a Christmas meal, but I bet a lot of people would enjoy it. It's got the standard piri piri chicken breast fillet in the middle, plus a chicken thigh, mushroom and chestnut pate, cranberry sauce, festive coleslaw, and onions. I don't want one, because I don't like mushrooms, pate, coleslaw, or non-battered onions, but I am picky.

It's inspired by South Africa, which is where the word Mzansi comes from. It's a popular slang word in the Xhosa language, apparently used to refer to South Africa as a whole.

The burger launches tomorrow, and will cosy £9.25 on its own. Adding a single side ups the total to £10.95, with two costing £12.65. [Metro]

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