Here's a £150 Steve Jobs Toy. Because Why the Hell Not?

By Dave Meikleham on at

Are you a fan of a certain Cupertino-based tech firm? Is there a large poster of an iPhone X currently adorning the wall above your headboard? Then hoo-boy have I ever found the perfect Xmas gift for you.

Image: Play-Asia/Damtoys

For the low, low price of just £149.67, you could be the proud owner of Damtoys Legendary Inventor 1/6 Scale Figure: 2017 Sidney Maurer Homage Artwork of Steve Jobs. Or, y'know, a one-foot-tall Steve Jobs toy.

Just look at the phenomenal stitching on those adorable little jeans:


Image: Play-Asia/Damtoys

And did you notice the teeny apple with the bite taken out of it? Take my money, Damtoys! Take every last penny of it.

The supremely niche figure also comes with a plastic replica of an old-timey Apple computer:

Image: Play-Asia/Damtoys

As a man who's currently working at a desk covered with toys – including an eight-inch Arnie and Robert Patrick from T2 – I'm almost tempted by this beautifully detailed figure. Then again, perhaps I'll use that hypothetical £149.67 to buy 46.7 copies of 2015's Steve Jobs on DVD at £3.20 a pop.

Decisions, decisions.

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