Hollywood Has Been Lobbying Lawmakers Against Kodi Boxes in the US

By Tom Pritchard on at

Streaming boxes, like those running Kodi, are the new popular way of pirating things. To the point where rights holders are doing their very best to ensure that the entire business dies - or at the very least stops being so widespread. So it's no surprise that the MPAA has been lobbying members of the US Congress about the issue.

TorrentFreak points out that a lot of the lobbying is going on behind closed doors, so we'll never know the specifics of what it involves. However, the quarterly disclosure reports provide some insight into what's going one - and the most recent form features a number of new topics.

Among those topics are set-top top boxes, pre-loaded boxes, and streaming piracy in general. Set-top boxes aren't a new trend, so I don't understand why they're on the agenda, but the others are quite interesting. Streaming piracy has exploded over the past two years (with rights holders dismissing it as a threat just two years ago), and wasn't even mentioned on lobbying reports this time last year. Now it seems to be top of the agenda.

Kodi, streaming, and piracy aren't the only topics lobbyists have been interested in this year, but their quick rise in importance shows us that the rights holders are concerned about their impact on piracy. They're going to try and fight it in any way they can, as they're entitled to do, but as we all know it's difficult to move quickly enough to make any meaningful impact.

Personally I feel that if you want to tackle piracy, you need to tackle the issues of why people pirate. Namely the fact that a lot of content is either very difficult to obtain, or far too expensive for people to justify paying for it. Deal with that issue, and the piracy rates should drop. [TorrentFreak]

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