Hour-Long Cut of Samsung's Washing Machine Ad Heads to the Cinema

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Samsung Cinematic Universe is about to explode into life. The technology company's debut feature film is nearing release, backed by a soundtrack from legendary composer Michael Nyman.

The bad news is this is a 66-minute long version of the washing machine advert it showed on TV a week or so back, with Nyman somehow convinced by Samsung to provide a score for one continuous shot of a wash cycle. The press release announces: "The production team captured the action with a single long shot trained on the machine to bring the full glory of the wash, rinse and spin to the screen. Samsung believes that cinema audiences, who have in recent years become accustomed to unusual experiences such as live relays of theatre, rock concerts and opera, or simulcasts of TV premieres, will be able to break new ground with the release."

If you fancy calculating how many layers of irony are involved, here's the trailer:

Micheal Nyman even delivered a quote, saying: "I have written a lot of music to manufacturing processes, but this is the most elaborate mechanical, mechanistic film I’ve been involved with. I’m interested in the mechanical process, the way that I create musical cycles which are based on repetition and variation and the correlation between that music and what happens in a washing machine process."

The film is apparently due to show somewhere in Leicester Square in early December. Almost certainly only once, to a room full of Samsung employees and journalists only there for the free nibbles.