HS2's Trains May be Built in Britain

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government has revealed the shortlist of manufacturers that want to build the trains that'll be smashing it along HS2's tracks at some point further into the future than anyone can currently imagine, with Derby-based builder Bombardier in the running.

The winner will land a £2.75 billion contract to design and build a minimum of 54 of the superfast trains, with the aim being to make sure they can cruise along at 225mph between London and anywhere else lucky/unlucky enough to land a new station.

The other four companies bidding to make the rolling stock alongside Bombardier are all from overseas, with French manufacturer Alstom joining Hitachi, Siemens and Spain's Patentes Talgo in joining the tendering process scheduled for early 2018, with an eventual winner to be picked by 2019.

HS2's Chris Rayner said: "It’s great to see such a strong line up of experienced high-tech manufacturing and design talent. Together with the successful bidder, HS2 will deliver some of the world’s most advanced rolling stock, engineered to provide seamless, accessible, fast and reliable journeys." [GOV]

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