Ikea Has a Nice Frame for Your New da Vinci

By Gary Cutlack on at

The poor art collector who spent masses of money on a weird and blurry painting of Jesus is the target of a sneaky ad campaign by Ikea, which is using the $450m sale of Salvator Mundi to hopefully shift a few cheap picture frames.

The joke being if you've bought a very expensive picture you might need a very cheap frame, because all your money is now tied up in a painting of a very nice right hand. Hence one of Ikea's many ad agencies suggesting you pick up one of the VISERUM frame options, yours in IKEA UK for just £10. Although it's only A4 size, so that nice cardboard mount will have to be removed in order to give the controversial Leonardo a bit more room. You could always fold down the edges to make it fit. [AdAge]