I'm Completely Hypnotised by These Strutting Randomly-Generated Monsters

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you scroll through your phone, you’ll undoubtedly find a bunch of novelty apps you rarely use. The same fate could eventually befall a simple PC and Mac app called Random Access Character that generates an infinite number of bizarre characters using random shapes and textures—but only if you somehow get tired of watching them sassily stroll across your screen.

GIF: Random Access Character

We totally understand if you’re hesitant about installing a random app on your computer, and if you’d rather play it safe, the procedurally generated characters are uploaded to an ever-growing Imgur album that will give you hundreds of reasons to waste time at work today.

The randomly-generated objects these characters are built out of include everything from throw cushions, to televisions, to Slinky-like springs. And there’s something inexplicably fascinating about watching a character try to walk with TVs for legs. If nothing else, this app could churn out your next Halloween costume if you play with it enough. [Random Access Character via Prosthetic Knowledge]

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