In Justice League Parody, Batman Has To Call In the Backups

By Julie Muncy on at

The problem with calling in the big guns is that sometimes, the big guns are busy. They’ve got important big gun stuff to do, after all. But when a hero like Batman needs help, he really needs it. So, uh, well, let’s see who we can find.

That’s the implicit premise of Funny Or Die’s Justice League parody, which rebuilds the film’s trailer to follow Batfleck’s increasingly dire quest to assemble a worthwhile B Team out of minor cinematic heroes. It’s quite an ensemble: there’s Barb Wire, from Barbed Wire (learning that was her name is, by the way, the highlight of my morning), Shaq’s I-visited-a-junkyard-once-and-had-a-dream version of Steel, Blankman, and Howard the Duck. Because when you’re that desperate, concerns like Marvel vs. DC are beside the point.

You can check out the video, which layers on the bawdy jokes and the absurdity, below. And Justice League, with a moderately better (kidding!) superhero team, is in theatres now. We didn’t hate it.

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