John Lewis is Being Accused of Spoiling This Year's Christmas Ad by Putting Toys Out Early

By Tom Pritchard on at

We now live in a society where everything is considered a spoiler. Whether it's Luke Skywalker climbing onto the Millennium Falcon, the fact Stranger Things features a guy called Bob who does something, or that Super Mario Odyssey has a tree in it. Whatever you say, someone, somewhere will declare that you just spoiled everything for them.

The same just happened to John Lewis, which has been accused of spoiling this year's Christmas advert by putting out promotional toys three days early.

This year's advert is highly anticipated, mainly so people can start claiming that they're not actually emotionless husks, and that a dog on a trampoline is a very sensitive event that made 90 per cent of them cry. The kind of thing that gets so much attention that the retailer has been releasing teasers and promos for an advert that isn't even a new Star Wars trailer.

Well some people noticed something in John Lewis's Canary Wharf branch on Tuesday. Staff had put out a large cuddly toy of some sort of monster, and people managed to work out it might have something to do with all those #UnderTheBed teasers John Lewis has been pumping out.

While the display has since been removed, clearly Christmas is ruined. Spoiled. Not even worth having any more, because we can't see this sock-wearing whatever it is without the greedy paws of the toy industry ruining our expectations. Go home everyone, and return those presents. Christmas is cancelled.

Or not, because this really doesn't matter. John Lewis might have refused to comment on the apparently goof, but the contents of an advert designed to sell you things aren't important. Thankfully it's only the overzealous tabloids getting themselves riled up, rather than people, so what else is new.

But, as we all know, what's important is whether McDonald's is going to bring back mince pies this year. [London Evening Standard]

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