Ketchup Christ Adds to Greggs' Sausage Roll Blasphemy Hell

By Gary Cutlack on at

Artist Nathan Wyburn has weighed in on the bizarre meat baby Jesus story, inspired as he was to pick up a sausage roll and use a portion -- or several portions -- of ketchup to create a figural devotional representation of the face of the adult redeemer.

Wyburn's Ketchup Christ is all the more remarkable and holy an image due to the fact that the artist used one of the blaspheming sausage rolls as his brush; yes, he painted Jesus using a sausage roll. A man, aged 28, did a picture of Jesus using a sausage roll as a brush, with a sausage roll crucifix assembled next to his workspace.

If you want to know what God thinks about all this, sit outside Nathan's house in Ebbw Vale for a bit, as if there really is any form of supreme being up there Nathan's about to get his TV and phone charger destroyed by an unnatural electrical surge.

Nathan wasn't overly offended by Greggs' original substitution of the roll for the Divine Infant himself, explaining: "It’s just great humour on behalf of Greggs and I think it’s genius marketing. It’s a shame everyone is so quick to get offended in this day and age -- just have a little humour. I try to convey that in a lot of my works and this certainly was an interesting one to make.

"I’ve never painted using a sausage roll instead of a paint brush before," he added, like that had to be said in 2017. [Wales Online via Metro]

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