Lego Artist Will Model Your House for £300 Studio Donation

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Lego artist who's hit the news for his huge creations more than once has turned to crowdfunding to realise his dream of having a bespoke Lego building studio, and if you fancy splashing out big time you can have him build a model of your own home.

The Brick This Studio funding page is asking for a modest £3,000 in total, money that Lego enthusiast Steve Mayes will use to escape his current loft base and get into something larger, where he can dedicate a drawer to every brick colour, wheel type, hinge and corner piece.

As well as a workspace, Steve's planning to put the money toward running community events in his Lego base, offering such delights as a LEGO Architecture club for kids, a permanent exhibition of some of his larger pieces, and the chance for visitors to rifle through Steve's masses of Lego to build things out of pieces they don't have access to a home.

Best of all, for a £300 donation he'll bash together a model of your home or any particular building you'd like to add to your own Lego shelving system. [Crowdfunder via Chronicle]