Lego's New App Lets Kids Play With Sets in Augmented Reality

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lego can be quite expensive, but it is a cool toy for kids to play with. If you'd rather not have them mucking about with pricey sets and losing pieces to the depths of the sofa (or cracks in the floor), then you might want to check out Lego's new AR app.

Lego AR Studio (for iOS) lets kids play with virtual versions of the most popular sets Lego makes. Not only can they be laid over real world environments, as is the AR way, they can also interact with actual real Lego sets that you might have lying around. Only a handful of sets are included right now, including the Lego City police and fire stations, the Lego City train set, plus the Green dragon, Cole's mech, and Destiny's Bounty from the Lego Ninjago Movie range.

As you can see in the video, the virtual sets are animated and you can take screenshots or record video clips to show off what you've been up to. Some of the sets have special features as well, like the dragon breathing fire.

You'll also need a relatively recent iOS device since the app is based on AR kit. Anything running iOS 11, with an A9 or A10 processor should be fine. Lego says anyone with an iPhone 6S, 7, 8, X, SE, iPad Pro, or iPad (2017) should have no problems.

Frankly I think this is a great idea. The big fancy Lego sets often cost upwards of £100, which is a lot to spend on a kid. I know for a fact that I didn't look after my Lego sets when I was younger, so this is a good way to let current kids enjoy the pricey things without risking that happening. Or for the adults who are too busy worrying about keeping their sets safe that they never take them off the shelf to be played with.

Lego AR Studio is apparently available now from the iOS app store, but I ca't find a link anywhere. It probably doesn't help that it's impossible to search the damn storefront on a non-iOS device now that Apple has pulled it from iTunes. Good going Apple.

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