Loads of Car Drivers Can't See Properly

By Gary Cutlack on at

A survey of some of the nation's optometrists has found that people who are warned that their eyesight is not up to scratch are paying no attention and driving home anyway, with the stats suggesting that as many as 30 per cent of UK drivers might be doing so with eyes that would fail the driving test's squint-at-a-number-plate system if taken today.

The numbers come from asking eye specialists if they'd seen patients in the last month who'd ignore their advice and continued to drive. The fact that eyesight can deteriorate with age is currently not taken into account by the UK's driving authorities, as once you've sailed through the test at 17 you're able to drive for the next 50-odd years -- a rule that 91 per cent of optometrists think should change.

The Association of Optometrists also asked car-driving members of the public to rate their eyesight, with around 30 per cent of those asked saying they suspected their eyes weren't really up to scratch. But that's not going to stop them. The AOP wants repeat eye tests for all drivers to be introduced, with sight tests required to be taken every ten years. [The Times]

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