Logitech's Working on Bringing Your Keyboard into Virtual Reality

By Tom Pritchard on at

VR is pretty cool. You get to strap on a headset and cut yourself off from the real world while you play your games. But cutting yourself off like that can be a pain, particularly if you're still trying to play with a keyboard and mouse. Touchtyping is one thing, but if you completely remove your eyes from the equation everything becomes a lot harder.

That's why Logitech working on a keyboard that will show up in VR, so you can see what you're doing.

The company just announced the Bridge SDK, which uses a combination of hardware and software tools to make your keyboard pop up in the virtual world. HTC's Vive tracker attaches to the keyboard's top left corner, and that produces a 3D model of your keyboard inside the headset.

The system works across any application that uses Steam VR, and seemingly lets you see where your hands are without having to wear special VR-enabling gloves.

The downside is that this isn't a commercial product yet. Logitech is only opening this up to 50 developers to begin with, with applications closing on 16th November. But it is a very cool idea, especially with keyboard heavy VR games (Elite: Dangerous comes to mind) or if you're using VR as a productivity tool.

Hopefully in a few years time this sort of tech will be more readily available, and not just available for Logitech keyboards. We can dream, right? [TechRadar]

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