London's Mayor Likes Being Apologised to by Uber

By Gary Cutlack on at

London mayor Sadiq Khan is sounding much more like an Uber fan these days, as he's once again praised the minicab company for admitting it's been a bit rubbish and seems to be grateful for the endless apologies and bouquets of flowers it's been sending over to charm the Transport for London team.

The latest softening in London's stance on Uber is reported in The Times, which quotes Khan as saying: "I welcome the contrition and humility from the global chief executive of Uber who’s recognised that Uber have been wrong in the past and wants to talk to TfL and I support the TfL commissioner meeting to see if we can reach a compromise. But it’s important to recognise that Uber have apologised for the mistakes made in the past and are willing to make sure in the future the quality of service they provide is safe and secure."

Which sounds like everyone's slowly backing away from a costly all-out legal war between Uber and London's transport chiefs. [The Times]

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