London's Newest Bridge Plan Doesn't Involve Trees or Joanna Lumley

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's transport authority has revealed a plan for a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the Thames, and this one's free from controversial celebrity endorsement, private money and locked gates at night.

Transport for London wants to link Rotherhithe, in a fairly inaccessible nook south of the river, to the glossy new bit of Canary Wharf, via a bikes and pedestrians bridge, making it simple for businessmen to power to work in the neo city on their bikes without humping their ride down into the Jubilee Line platforms.

Plans are currently only at the launch-of-a-consultation stage, with TfL having seemingly decided that a bridge is a better option for a crossing than ramping up local ferry services or digging a scary and expensive tunnel, with three crossing locations and angles under consideration -- and the option that a low level opening and closing bridge could be built. Which would be exciting, as everyone loves a moving bridge.

There's an entire fact sheet [PDF] about possible bridge hinge mechanisms and lifts that could be used, if you're into your budding infrastructure. [TfL via City AM]