Looking for Treasure is the UK's Newest Career Path

By Gary Cutlack on at

The people of England have given up hope of getting on in life via the usual methods like careers, pensions, and being good at things, and are instead turning to the fantastic world of treasure hunting to make a living.

That would appear to be the reasoning behind the continual explosion in the number of officially recognised hauls of treasure found in the country anyway, with the latest figures showing that 1,120 technical treasure hauls were found in England, Wales and Northern Ireland last year. Scotland has its own rules, where anything you find in a field can be taken to a pub and swapped for an equal weight of Tennent's.

Treasure in this context should probably be called Treasure with a capital T, as there's an official classification that needs to be met in order for your strange uncle's latest find of rusty, muddy lumps to be officially designated as a significant finding. Metal composition is key, along with the absence of the Coca-Cola logo. [GOV [PDF] via BBC]

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