Mayor Wants London to Become a Toilet Nirvana

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's mayoral office is preparing to release a draft version of the London Plan, a blueprint for future development of the city. And one early release concerns the mayor's plan to bring back the good old public toilet.

And it's not just a return to urinals in underpasses. Commercial developments and shops are to be asked to do their bit in providing modern public toilets in return for being granted planning permission, plus the future London needs to be more welcoming of families with children, people with disabilities that require carers and therefore require extra space, and those who need a gender-neutral toilet because the wee comes out of their belly button.

Mayor Khan said: "Toilets are a vital public service and can help to shape the experience of the capital for those who live here and for those visiting. We need a range of toilets that reflect the incredible diversity of this city -- giving people the confidence to move around London with dignity."

It'll be good for business as people will be more likely to spend extra time away from home, freed from the stress of worrying about when they last had a poo, buying more bottled water and coffee shop flapjacks. [Mayor via Guardian]