McDonald's Had a Black Friday Blunder of its Own

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier we showed you that Currys had somehow asked for £999 in exchange for a copy of Assassin's Creed Origins. Well it turns out another company had a Black Friday blunder of its own. Whoever is in charge of McDonald's' Twitter account today is going to get a bollocking.

That tweet went up at 6am, and at the time of writing is still live. The account has also been completely silence in the time since, and naturally there are lots of people making fun of the fast food chain in the replies.

How did this happen? Someone either wasn't paying attention, or this is some sort of sly attempt to go viral and give McDonald's lots of free publicity. If that latter is true, it's working. If the former is true McDonald's just needs to lie and say it was a deliberate stunt. All those people making fun of the company were simply falling into a well place trap.

This is the corporate account as well, not the main @McDonalds feed, which is a little suspicious.

I'm not entirely sure why McDonald's would be celebrating Black Friday anyway. Are they going to make the 99p savers menu even cheaper? I'm not sure I can be trusted with access to 50p Mayo Chickens. (Skip the mayo please, it's bad for me). There's nothing I can see anything on the official website anyway, so it's all rather confusing.

I'm sure someone will clear things up at some point later.

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