Men Who Fondly Remember Oasis Boost Vinyl's Revival

By Gary Cutlack on at

The music lovers of the UK are still buying vinyl in ever increasing quantities, with numbers released through physical music chain HMV saying this could be the biggest year for vinyl since the 1980s.

What we don't understand, though, is why it says Ed Sheeran's Divide looks like being the best selling 12-inch record of the year. We thought Sheeran was for mums who buy music from petrol stations, not vinyl collectors. Less surprising is HMV's expectation that the solo records of Noel and Liam Gallagher, who used to to be the singer and dancer in The Prodigy, we think, are going to end the year as the second and third best selling vinyl albums.

HMV manager John Hirst thinks streaming could actually be aiding the sales of older material on vinyl in a funny old way, explaining: "Sales also continue to soar across our back catalogue, perhaps as people use streaming as a discovery tool alongside wanting to browse and collect physical music formats."

There's money in it for HMV too, as it's selling vinyl records for around the £20 mark, with some newer releases — like Beyonce's Lemonade — going for a staggering £26.99. Who would buy that? [Guardian]

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