Nest Cam IQ Indoor Has Facial Recognition To Tell Your Cat-Sitter From A Cat Burglar

By Gizmodo Australia on at

The newly released Nest Cam IQ Indoor has out of the box person alerts to keep an eye on the comings and goings of your house. Throw in a subscription to the Nest Aware service and the home security camera will use facial recognition technology to tell friends and family from strangers.

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor was built from the ground up to surpass the Nest Cam Indoor. The home security camera connects to your home wifi and includes a 4K sensor with 130 degree viewing angle so you can monitor your home through the Nest app.

Using the £8/month Nest Aware subscription service gives users access to the Nest Cam IQ Indoor's powerful new facial recognition technology. While we have not been able to test the claims ourselves, Nest claims that the facial recognition software can tell strangers from friends and send you appropriate alerts when it detects either.

While the video is sent with an adaptable bitrate, the service requires an internet connection with upload speeds of at least 2 Mbps. Users can manually change image settings to limit bandwidth usage.

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor also includes a high-end speaker and three microphone array to improve on the audio options of earlier Nest cameras. As with earlier models, this should allow for users to have conversations with people near the camera. Again, the Nest Aware subscription service adds additional features such as intelligent audio alerts so you can check in when your dog starts barking and see if it's because of an intruder or a lizard hiding in the curtains.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor is available from Nest's online store for £299.

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