Nintendo Has the SNES Classic Back in Stock for Black Friday

By Tom Pritchard on at

Nintendo's had a good year for sales, what with the Switch and the SNES Classic seemingly exceeding the company's expectations and proving to be insanely popular with the gaming public. The SNES Classic has been hard to get hold of for a while, but Nintendo's official store has some new stock - just in time for Black Friday.

It did promise that it would continue selling the SNES Classic into the new year, and now it looks like it's keeping that promise. The first batch of mini consoles that Nintendo sold through its online store were £70 a piece, but once they ended up in the hands of other retailers that price went up to £80. Nintendo's followed suit with the new RRP, and while that's a little irritating it's still cheaper than scalper prices.

Because Nintendo is Nintendo, and seemingly has an issue with providing all its customers with the appropriate power supply, the first batch of SNES Classics didn't come with a USB/Mains power adaptor.  So while there's no discount, you're saving yourself the cost of a mains adaptor to keep your console plugged in all the time - however much those actually cost these days.

Orders are one per person, and they'll start being dispatched on 27th November - meaning they should arrive just in time for Christmas.

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