Now Cash Converters Has Been Hacked

By Tom Pritchard on at

Hacks are everywhere these days, to the point where it feels like a gift from Oprah. You get a hack, you get a hack, everyone gets a hack! The latest one? High street pawn shop, and peddler of overpriced old games nobody would ever buy, Cash Converters.

The company's old website has been breached, exposing usernames, passwords, and addresses to some unknown third party. Note that this is the old website, which got changed back in September, so if you signed up since then you should be ok. If you had one before, well, change your passwords.

Cash Converters says that it has passed the case onto the Information Commissioner, but promised that anyone using its stores had been affected and no credit card details that been compromised. A company said in a statement:

"Our customers truly are at the heart of everything we do, and we are disappointed that they may have been affected. We apologise for this situation and are taking immediate action to address it."

[BBC News]

Image: Elliot Brown/Flickr

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