Nuclear Subs Kept Running by Spare Part Cannabilism

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's nuclear-powered sub fleet is so hard up for money to spend on repairs it's relying on borrowing parts from across the fleet to stay operational, with the National Audit Office saying it found that 795 "equipment cannibalisation" incidents had taken place last year.

That's up substantially from 2005, when fewer than half the number of parts-lifting cases were recorded. The NAO even says that some parts for operational subs are being taken from the two new Astute-class submarines that are currently under construction, with working bits being removed from vessels still being built in assembly sheds to keep serving subs in business.

Most parts taken are small components worth just a few quid, but 14 borrowed pieces were found to be worth upwards of £1m each. [National Audit Office via Herald]

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