Nutritionalist Recommends Having a Burger With Your Burger

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's some food advice that everyone can agree on -- having two burgers is better than having one burger. And that's according to someone who's a qualified nutritionist, so feel free to implement these diet changes at dinner time tonight.

The serious bit, though, is not that it's great to eat two burgers all of the time. It won't make you live longer. The core concept of the twin-burger dinner is that you replace the chips on the side of your first burger with another burger instead, as the additional protein and fats in burger #2 work on your body to lessen the impact of the carbohydrates and sugars, resulting in a smaller blood sugar spike; something that's known to be better for bodies in general.

Nutritionist Emily Field says this is to be used as a coping strategy for when eating junk food is unavoidable, as it's important to make the best "responsible choice" when it comes to your body. [Independent]

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