One of Aldi's Latest Special Buys is a £300 3D Printer

By Tom Pritchard on at

Don't ever let anyone tell you that buying stuff from Aldi (or Lidl, for that matter) is a bad idea. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's bad, and their giant £2 rolls of duct tape prove that beyond a doubt. So it's always well worth checking out what they have to offer, and one of the next additions is a 3D printer.

A 3D printer for sale in a supermarket, who would've thought it?

The German chain is set to become the first supermarket to stock such a device, with the £300 Baclo 3D printer arriving on 19th November. The supermarket claims that it's a top notch device, with quality on par with 3D printers that sell for three times as much. It includes step-by-step wizard guides , touchscreen controls, and SD card support.

It's an online exclusive, though, so don't wander into your local store hoping to pick one up. It also won't be shipped until 23rd November, so bear that in mind.

Also arriving at the same time is a 55-inch 4K TV, complete with three HDMI ports. Specs aren't available yet, but it'll go on sale at the same time for £430. Finally is a premium Bluetooth soundbar, complete with Airplay and Spotify support. Again there are no specs, but it'll sell for £130.

Obviously you'll want to do your research before you buy (you should do that regardless of who you buy from), but these sound like pretty nice deals. Here's hoping they're worth buying for something other than price. [Engadget]