People Have Been Searching for Meghan Markle on Pornhub for Some Reason

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you took a look at any major media company over the past few days, you'll see a single topic popping up again and again. Because one of the Royal Family is getting married. Harry is one of the important ones, so people care when things happen in his life. Plus they love weddings.

But with all the excitement that comes with the announcement, there are some people who lower the tone. Like all the people who've started searching for Harry's future wife Meghan Markle on Pornhub. The people who see someone in the news and immediately wonder if they've ever been naked on camera.

Pornhub notes that most royal searches are related to fictional characters like Princesses Leia and Peach, but since the engagement news there has been a large increase in traffic. The biggest increase came from the USA (+2,273%), followed by the UK (+2,242%), Spain (+2,193%), Germany (+2,167%), and Belgium (+2,011%). xHamster also claimed that there was a 3,000% increase in related searches after the news broke.

I can only assume some people were desperate to find out if the newest incoming member of the royal family had ever done anything remotely Pornhub-worthy. But it's a very strange (and fairly creepy) thing to prioritise when you hear news of someone's engagement.

For the record, there's nothing there. Just a single scene from Suits which, being network TV, isn't going to come close to what the rest of Pornhub has to offer.

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