People Prefer Playing With the Nintendo Switch in Handheld Mode

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's no secret that the Nintendo Switch's hybrid handheld functionality is part of what makes it so popular. Who wouldn't want a console-tier gaming device that you can carry around in your bag? Now Nintendo has confirmed that popularity, noting that a lot of people prefer to play their Switch's in handheld mode and away from the TV.

This was revealed in Nintendo's latest financial report, which claims only around 20 per cent of players prefer to play games with the Switch plugged into the TV. 30 per cent prefer it in handheld mode, while the extra 50 per cent use both. It's not clear what the breakdown of the 'both' section is (is it a 50/50 split between the two? 70/30? Who knows).

While more people prefer using handheld mode outright, the graph also shows that people appreciate the versatility of the console. After all you can't lug the Xbox One X around on the train to play games. Nor can you play games like Super Mario Odyssey on something so (relatively) basic as the 3DS. The Switch might not be as advanced as Sony and Microsoft's consoles, but it is more useful in a number of ways.

This doesn't mean that the Switch will be replacing the 3DS anytime soon, though. Nintendo was insistent prior to launch that the two systems would function side-by-side, and given the low cost of the 3DS /2DS (plus its extensive catalogue of games) it's bound to be continue to appeal to a lot of people.

Nintendo also revealed that by April, the Switch is expected to sell more units than the Wii U did in its entire production run. It's not quite as popular as the original Wii, but it's doing quite nicely - and is expected to pick up during the Christmas shopping season. What's more, people are buying the console and continuing to play it - showing that it's not just a sale based on novelty or because of a single title. Given that success, don't expect a price cut anytime soon. [Nintendo via Ubergizmo]

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