Poor Self Control? This Chrome Extension Will Help Curb Your Impulse Shopping

By Tom Pritchard on at

Right now we're in the midst of a shopping season designed to try and get you to buy lots of things before Christmas - whether you actually need them or not. It's easy to be taken in by a convincing deal, and even if you know that you don't really need a NVIDIA SHIELD that 20 per cent discount is enough to make you want it. Luckily there is a Chrome extension to help out if your self control is that bad.

Icebox, from the comparison website Finder.com, helps you deal with your terrible impulse control by making you think long and hard about whether or not you really want that third Echo Dot. It replaces the 'Buy' button on over 400 different retail sites with its own custom button designed to put the purchase on ice. The purchase is then held for a set period of time, and while it counts down you have to ask yourself whether you really want it.

If you decide you don't then that's fine, and Icebox will have stopped you spending your money on something you only wanted for some frivolous reason. It'll keep tabs on everything you skip out on, too, and show you a total of how much money it's helped you save during it operational life.

The cooling period is custom, though the default is a whopping 30 days (!). It's also capable of whitelisting sites, which will be useful for some of your regular go-tos and avoid wasting your time trying to buy something like toilet roll or shampoo. For the sites not supported, you have the option to slap a reminder in there telling you not to be so wasteful with your hard earned cash.

It's not the kind of thing you want on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, seeing as how deals can disappear mere seconds after going live, but for the rest of the year it might help keep your balance out of the red. [Icebox via The Next Web]

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