Pornhub is Opening Up a Real life Shop Too

By Tom Pritchard on at

This week Amazon launched its own physical retail pop-up in London, designed to promote its Black Friday deals. It seems this is a popular idea though, because noted paddlers of online nakedness Pornhub have announced that they too will get their own physical shop in New York City.

The Pornhub pop-up opens up tomorrow and will stay open until 20th December, making it the perfect place to buy all your friends branded apparel and fake genitals for Christmas.

The whole thing is a partnership with the Museum of Sex, and will sell a selection of themed products for people to buy. That includes Pornhub-branded clothing, Anne Summer sex toys (which Pornhub apparently sells now), books, and products from the Museum's gift shop like sex games, herbal aphrodisiacs, and more books.

The launch will also have a live stream, which will broadcast video onto Pornhub itself, and a bunch of pornstars will be there for you to awkwardly chat to and pretend that you aren't shopping for something shaped like another person's private parts.

The shop will be open 11am to 8pm Monday - Saturday, and 12pm to 7pm on Sundays. It's at 70 Wooster Street, in case any of you were actually planning to go to New York anyway.

If New York is a bit far, you can also try Milan. A similar pop-up shop will be opening opposite Corsa Como. That one opens on December 1st, and will remain open until New Year's Eve. It'll be open 10am to 8pm Tuesday to Sunday. Might as well make use of the visa-free travel to Europe while we still can, right? [High Snobiety]

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