Poundland's Toblerone Goes on Sale Next Monday, But Only in Limited Quantities

By Tom Pritchard on at

After what seems like a lifetime of legal battles, Poundland and Toblerone-maker Mondelez have finally come to an agreement over the former's discount knock-off. The twin-peaked Twin Peaks bar will finally go on sale next Monday, but there are only ever going to be 500,000 of them on sale.

The whole issue arises from the the fact Mondelez, which makes chocolate like Toblerone and Cadbury, felt that Poundland's take on the Toblerone was a breach of copyright - specifically copyright regarding Toblerone's iconic triangular shape. Poundland had argued that the copyright didn't apply, mainly because Toblerone's shape was changed in the UK. Something we all know was to try and swindle people out of an appropriate amount of chocolate.

Poundland is set to revise the shape of the Twin Peaks bar anyway, making sure they're a better representation of the Wrekin and Ercall hills that supposedly inspired it. But the 500,000 bars that have already been made won't be destroyed, and will go on sale next Monday (4th December) for £1 each. That's the same price Poundland sells mini Toberlones for, but promises its home-made version will have 30g more chocolate for that price.

850 branches will carry the bars, and you can probably expect them to appear on eBay after they sell out. [Mirror]

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